Modern & demanding lifestyle and environmental changes are making it difficult for all of us to lead a continuous healthy life in today’s scenario. Moreover, it becomes more challenging especially in the cities, which are so-called urban and upbeat places due to fast life and people thriving on fast foods & packaged eating stuff for their day to day living. This has resulted in the outbreak of many lifestyle diseases such as early age Diabetes and Hypertension, various types of allergies due to unsure food materials intake and compromised immunity. Hypersensitivity is growing in India very rapidly. Approximately 20% to 30 % of the total population in India suffers from at least one allergic disease. Out of this, about 15% develop Asthma. Urban children have a higher prevalence of male predominance. About 4.5% of adolescents are allergic to certain food items leading to asthma, rhinitis or both. The growing prevalence of allergy and asthma in India has become a major health concern with symptoms ranging from mild rhinitis to severe asthma and even life-threatening anaphylaxis. The “allergen repertoire” of this subcontinent is highly diverse due to the varied climate, flora, and food habits. The proper identification, purification, and molecular characterization of allergy-eliciting molecules are essential to facilitate an accurate diagnosis and to design immunotherapeutic vaccines.

The biggest challenge in India for diagnosing the early allergic cases is the lack of knowledge and poor socio-economic conditions to undergo screening with highly advanced multi allergens detection techniques. Sentier as an organization has taken initiative to bring the globally accepted technology for allergy detection and screening to India, to make it very easy and economical for vast population needing such recommendations from the Allergy Specialists. We have brought the fast-growing Immunoblot technology with high sensitivity that could be used more frequently as a cost-effective & efficient screening test.

Sentier is not just any healthcare organization but holds a very serious proposition by already expressing our promise in the field of cardiology and oncology for innovative technologies being brought to India. Our tissue & molecular diagnostics division has earned a good value and reputation in the field of Histopathology, Immuno Histo Chemistry, and FISH. Sentier’s unique focus of creating awareness and comprehensive platform with diligent after-sales service with these new technologies gives us an advantage over our competitors by giving customers a great deal of confidence for building trust.

Sentier has entered the market with reliable, fast and cost-effective Immunoblot technology with portable semi-automatic scanning devices as well as high-end fully automated devices to give results with-in 3 hours with the help of multiple allergens loaded inhalant, food, atopy and mixed panels.This will enable Allergologists to get a report about the broad range of allergens starting from Inhalants to Ingestants and Contactants.