Looking for Partners for India

As evident from all our endeavours and our journey so far, we had been extremely selective in bringing specific technologies to India in the healthcare space due to our thorough understanding of the landscape of healthcare structure of India and future need of the Indian market. We are looking for partnerships and collaborations which comprise of globally accepted medical devices, diagnostic techniques in the fast-growing oncology segment, revolutionary breakthroughs in molecular diagnosis and products and services in healthcare using AI.

Our approach to potential collaborators and partners from around the globe follows the simple 4 C model:

C – Come
C – Collaborate
C – Capture
C – Consolidate

We partner with organizations by proving to them that the systems and processes developed so far have worked well for multiple clients, and give a positive outlook and promise of ACCESS FOR SUCCESS.

We are very much optimistic about the current background discussions with our potential partners and are confident that we will be able to bring many more Medical Technology products and services that will contribute positively to the Healthcare Industry in India.

Sentier with its progressive mindset is aggressively looking to forging many such collaborations and is committed to creating a win-win equation for our partners.